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As part of SEAL Diversity efforts, SEAL Officer (Amera Ayman) initiates Coding Girls in iACADEMY. It is an initiative that creates the effort to show the girl-power and the initiative that coding is not just for boys but for girls too!

“Each and every community needs diversity.”- Anna RadulovskiCoding Girls was founded by Anna Radulovski, who is an activist and advocate for diversity in Tech. She started Coding Girls in the beginning of 2017 as a small workshop with 16 girls and a boy, who had a vision to open Coding Girls Clubs all around Europe.


The main focus of the the girls is to be the role models in this upcoming generation and to create a more diverse tech for everyone.

As a result these are the things Coding Girls achieved so far; from the past 6 months they were able to establish Coding Girls in 10 cities, 30 workshops, more than 100 interviews were done and there are 300 active members and counting.

With this in mind, Coding Girls’ mission is to empower girls to be able to change the world through technology and to inspire other girls to explore the world of Computer Science.

Hence, here are the following plans that is set to achieve this year.

  • Start 10 new school and university clubs.
  • Activate 20 new communities.
  • Organize 100 workshops to introduce role models.
  • Inspire 5000 girls to choose technology related to career path.

To be a part of SEAL’s Coding Girl, please visit

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