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SEAL General Assembly

As a new school year begins, new faces are seen. On September 3, SEAL held the first ever general assembly for this school year. With its festival theme, the auditorium was brimming with colors and booming with pop music. Different booths are put up to make the theme more apparent such as a karaoke booth and a jail booth. The event was hosted by the ever so energetic Charles Ricky Villarin, the former treasurer.


What happened?

SEAL IntroductionIt all started off with a brief description of what SEAL is all about. Videos of past events and activities were shown and the announcement that officers are needed are announced. With all the formalities out of the way, SEAL was ready to have fun and bond with all the new (and old) members. There were three games held namely: Pass the Message, Balloon Race, and the Caterpillar Game.



Pass The MessageThe games started off with the players being quiet and shy as they try to know and be close to their teammates however, as time passed on, a certain bond could be seen as they compete against other groups in each game. In the Pass the Message game, the members try to cheer and support their teammates on as they try to remember the phrase given to them. The intense desire to win can be seen as they race to the whiteboard to write down the phrase that was passed onto them. This game really helped the members form a bond as this game relied on their trust on others despite them not really knowing or being close with each other.


Balloon RaceThe second game was the Balloon Race. Some pairs had a hard time popping the balloons after walking around with it but even with a team crisis, they all looked happy and having fun. That’s what matters, right? Finally, the last game which is the Caterpillar Game. Out of all these three games, this one is the game where everyone struggled and fought with their very best to win. The teams devised strategies and tried their hardest to bring down their competition. They pushed, blocked, and ran all around the arena as they try to snatch the tail off the opposing team.


Booths and Prizes!

Tumbang BoteAs the games end, members find their way to different booths. They sang their hearts out in the karaoke booth and some were even held back in the jail booth for things like wearing glasses or caught using their phone. Members took group (or even solo!) shots in the photo booth held by Optics. The most popular booth, however, was the slingshot booth. They would attempt to hit bottles and make them fall to earn prizes. Everyone took turns with the others jeering and supporting them. The fun, of course, won’t be lasting forever as one by one the auditorium started to empty out.



SEAL Officers
SEAL hopes that when they left the event, they brought the fun memories with them and the optimism and drive of what this organization could be and what it holds for the rest of the school year. We welcome you, new members of SEAL! May you have fun time learning and discovering your path alongside us. We hope to see you soon!



Written By: Miqaela Nicole Banguilan

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