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iLead is a two-day event organized by the Office of Student Experience and Advancement (OSEA) in iAcademy, annually. Aims to build leadership and good camaraderie, this event gathers leaders from the different organizations within the campus both in Senior High School and in College.

This year’s iLead held last October 25 and 26, 2018 was themed “RISE”. “R” for recognizing goals, purpose, and roles. “I” for ignite and inspire positive impact. “S” for service to self. And “E” to Empower and enable to lead.

First Day
Facilitated by Vessels of Humanity, an organization based in Tarlac. The first day of iLEAD 2018 took place at iAcademy Nexus’ gallery room.

 Student Leaders' Vision for 2040

Image by OPTICS (iACADEMY Photography Society)

The main topic of this year’s iLead is the year 2040, as student leaders, what is/ are our visions for 2040. The topic was divided into 6 subtopics (Government, Education/ Academe, Health, Family, Poor Communities, and General State of the World). We were tasked to envision what would these subtopics be in 2040. Taking into context the possibilities of both positive and negative results of what 2018 is currently offering, it was a great experience sharing thoughts with my fellow leaders. We were all given the chance to speak for what we believe, some agreed some do not, the thing is we all have a different perspective and we respect each other’s point and at the same time learn from the different side of the coin. Aside from envisioning what 2040 maybe, we were able to asses what is the current state of the 6 subtopics and we, as individuals can do to make a better 2040.

Talking about 2040 seems to be so early, more than 20 years from now, on what can we do to make things better for everyone. Starting from assessing one’s self is a great way in stepping towards a great future. On the first day of iLEAD we were given the chance to talk things about 2018. Learning about the possibility of a positive and a negative outcome talking about 2040, this time we were able to share our thoughts of what we can do to make a positive future as a whole and individually. Individually we were tasked to make our SSCI’s (Start, Stop, Continue, and Improve) from here, were able to asses our individual state, think of the things we should stop, start, continue, and improve to make the better versions of our selves. Aiming for a positive future, start by making yourselves the better for the future.

SSCI Activity

Image by OPTICS (iACADEMY Photography Society)

After we plan our SSCI’s the next step is execution, as student leaders we, for sure are having too much on our plates in order to make things better not just for our selves but also for others. The vessels of humanity taught us about the gaps, the gaps that keep us from being productive. Talking bout Apathy, Distraction, Procrastination, Undecidedness, Irritation, Anxiety, and Depression. Not only from keeping us a way of being productive, but these 6 gaps also keeps us away from our own potentials. The Vessels of Humanity also taught us about the 3 ways that could help us away from these 6 gaps, these are awareness, concentration, and lastly willpower. Awareness, where our awareness is, it is where our energy flows. If we are aware, we tend to concentrate on it, and in order to pursue it, we need willpower. In the process of executing, it’s possible to face gaps and hindrances on our way to our goals, we just have to learn to divert our awareness then concentration and willpower will follow.

Web and Blocks Activity

Image by OPTICS (iACADEMY Photography Society)

It is always easy and better as a group before the first day ends, we were tasked to build 8 blocks using papers (origami). Using a web-like structure. We were tasked to stack the blocks one by one in the middle of the web while we balance it as we hold the strings attached to it. In this activity, we were able to express our individual ways of solving and strategizing. Sorting out strategies we were able to put together better ways to execute. To become a better leader, we should know how to work with peers. Being a team we are able to share knowledge and skills and at the same time, we can learn from our teammates a well.


To close out the day, the Vessels of Humanity left us with their founder’s saying “Be good, be kind, and do the right thing. Because being good and being kind, is the right thing.” To never forget where we stand, and as leaders, we all should set great examples, not be blinded by our positions but touching the hearts and lives of other by leading and executing.

Image by OPTICS (iACADEMY Photography Society)

Second Day
The second day of this year’s iLead was held at Doña Jovita Garden resort in Calamba, Laguna. To start off our day in Doña Jovita Garden Resort, we were divided into 4 teams. The Pink team, Purple team, Orange team, and the Blue team. Team by team, we went up to the grotto for a silent hike as we appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy the breathtaking view of Laguna.

Blue Team - Obstacle Course

Image by OPTICS (iACADEMY Photography Society)

To start off the activities in store for us, we were given a task to create team cheers to be presented before we go on to challenge ourselves through the obstacle course. From going through a giant web, to balance beams, trusting our teammates for a trust fall, and lastly crawling through a mud pit. All in all, it was a great experience helping each other out as a team, working as a team to achieve one goal. In the end, the Orange team came out to be victorious both in the cheer and in the obstacle course having the fastest time to accomplish. But it’s not the competition nor the prize that matters, it’s the experience, the knowledge, the memories not just as a team but as a whole.

Image by OPTICS (iACADEMY Photography Society)

As iLead 2018 comes to its end, we were given the chance to enjoy our remaining time in the resort as we play in the pool and sing songs in the karaoke machine. We were able to bond, chat, and play. Gaining not just experience and knowledge, but also friends.

iLead 2018 ended with full of gratitude as we award both individual and team awards. With inspiring messages from our mentors, profs, and the people from the Vessels of Humanity, we leaders will go home with bullets of our own to share with our fellow leaders.

End of Day 2 - Group Photo

Image by OPTICS (iACADEMY Photography Society)

In conclusion, iLead 2018 is a way to share our individual capabilities at the same time hone out our natural leadership skills as we learn more about ourselves, the society, and both self and team management. It is indeed a great experience!

Written By: Mac Robert Cabote

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