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The future leaders from SEAL take the leap and dare to shoot for the moon in a 2-Day Organization Development Seminar in Ateneo XChange from April 6 to 7, 2019.

This two-day seminar is filled with modules, structured learning experiences, and speakers that aims to challenge a leader’s thinking so as to help their organization move, change, and innovate. From beginning to end, everyone was encouraged to have a mindset called “Moonshot Thinking” – to set seemingly unreachable and ambitious goals to improve the organization in all aspects.

Courtesy of: Ateneo XChange (FROM LEFT): Meg Banguilan, Mac Cabote, Camille Pascua, Kenneth Noquira, John Rada, MC Yapan

Their minds and teamwork has been put to the test as they innovate and set difficult and challenging goals while assessing the current state of their organization on Day 1. They were tasked to know the ins-and-outs of their organization, and to recognize the staffs, structures, skills, and strategies that the organization possess. Everyone was urged to treat problems as positive opportunities to find solutions rather than negative hindrances,

and as a result, each one of them became an avenue for ideation and solutions crafting. As the first day come to an end, SEAL leaders and other participants bring with them the knowledge that innovation is a skill that should not be confined within themselves only, and it goes through a process of trying, failing, and trying again.

 On Day 2, the leaders were taught how to become a human-centered organization and how to facilitate different cultures in an organization. Everyone was reminded to spend time with each other, to give each members and leaders a chance to build the organization in their own way, and to build a safe environment where everyone can share their opinions and make mistakes.

As we bid goodbye to the other leaders that we have met, it has occurred to us that there is much more that we can do as members and leaders of organizations. Each member and leader in SEAL and other organizations have their own shortcomings and vulnerabilities; once we recognize and openly accept these limits, we should go beyond them.

Courtesy: Ateneo Xchange

Written by: Camille Pascua 

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