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During the Senior High School Parent-Teacher Conference in iACADEMY Nexus on November 5, a talk was held by Mr. Al Prince Fernandez to inform the guardians about the threat in regards to their children’s safety the internet. The speaker is an IT consultant, an educator, and a member of Technokids PH. The mentioned organization has a partnership with SEAL and provides a premier curriculum and training about computers and technology in the country.

The talk was focused on the topic of cybersecurity in which he gave several tips on how personal data could be prevented from cyber attacks and maintain its confidentiality. In the cyber world, everyone is targeted as long as they are vulnerable. This is why cybersecurity is important. Cybersecurity is the practice of applying techniques to ensure the safety of sensitive data. Without this, malicious acts can be done against people such as extortion of money and identity theft.

Cyber Security Tips
Phishing attacks are one of the fraudulent acts that have been used in the cyber world. It is where stealing personal data occur by impersonating a trusted website. This aims to mislead the users to get their private data such as bank accounts and login credentials. By being observant on what kind of emails and websites are suspicious or not, this may prevent the problem.

Keeping software up to date is also important because these updates contain changes that improve the security of the applications. Having outdated software that has unsolved security flaws would be more vulnerable to a hacker’s exploitation.

Moreover, ensuring the use of strong passwords is a must. This provides better protection on the user’s identity and personal data. It is also said that a password should be treated as a toothbrush, it should be changed regularly, and it is not for sharing.

Similarly, here are the following cybersecurity tips in terms of families:

Family Cyber Security Tips

•    Make recreational activities that lead to real and lasting happiness.
•    Update and talk to your children and spouse from time to time.
•    Find unique ways to connect with your family.

Even though these tips does not have anything to do with cybersecurity, it is concluded that these were significant in order for the whole family to be more engaged in activities outside the internet. Thus, a lesser probability for cyber attacks to occur.

Educating the family is also one way to prevent these attacks. Since kids are now well-exposed to the internet, adults should be responsible in teaching them that the internet is not a safe place. Making them knowledgeable about common malicious attempts is a good start. With this, kids will be wary and cautious of the things they do or put out there.

Mr. Fernandez ended with a quote by Thomas S. Monson, “Never let a problem to be solved become more than a person to be loved.”

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